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Mary Childress

Mary Childress

Mary Childress has worked in the law profession for 29 years - 26 of them with John Spatafore. She enjoys her job because she enjoys helping others and making someone else’s day a little better. Her days are both stressful and rewarding. Patience, compassion and a sense of humor are a must. Her clients are important to her. To make someone’s day a little brighter by solving a problem for them or just making them laugh is a blessing.

Mary was born and raised on a farm in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her father came to the United States from Yugoslavia when he was a young boy. Her mother was English and Native American, and her family was from Missouri.

Mary's family had a fruit farm with cherries and peaches, but her father mainly grew grapes for Welch’s. Her mother was a homemaker. Mary grew up with six brothers and sisters and has three incredible children herself - two daughters and a son. She also has nine grandchildren - three girls and six boys.

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